A motorbike rider is rarely unharmed after an accident, even when wearing a helmet. Because of this, the actions hurt bikers take after a collision can significantly affect their long-term physical, psychological, and financial health. Following an accident, injured motorcycle riders could be in pain, unconscious, or unable to move.

Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers advise potential accident victims to do the following:

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How To Preserve Your Motorcycle Crash Claim In California

What Should Victims Of Motorcycle Accidents In Los Angeles Do?

Personal injury claim preservation starts right after the accident. If you can, you should do the following:

1. Keep Your Cool

Even though your emotions and adrenaline may be running high, now is the time to maintain composure. Before completing the remaining phases of this process, pause for a moment to collect yourself.

2. Get To Safety

Relocate from the road, the path of traffic, and any dangers like gas leaks, fires, or damaged properties.

3. Examine Yourself

Untreated injuries, even seemingly minor ones, might result in future medical expenses. So look for any wounds you may have received, but don't think you're fine just because you feel well. This is because the adrenaline released both during and after a motorbike crash may hide your symptoms.

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4. Contact Emergency Services

If anyone was injured in the collision, call 911 right away. Additionally, medical and police records can help preserve your personal injury claim.

These records will be a great way to document your injuries and what happened on the accident scene, strengthening your claim. In addition, your California motorcycle accident lawyer will likely ask for these should you pursue your injury claim.

5. Record Or Take Photos Of Your Accident

If you can, take photos or videos of the accident scene and make a note of any relevant details you can recall. For example, the scene of the accident, location, surrounding potential hazards, and damage to your property can help your claim.

If there were any eyewitnesses to your Los Angeles motorcycle accident, swap contact details with them so you can later obtain a written statement from them. This will help you and your Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer with your personal injury claim.

6. Avoid Admitting Fault

You'll need to speak with several people following your collision, including the police, the at-fault, and an insurance adjuster. You must avoid admitting fault because this could be used against you in settlement talks.

7. Speak With A Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The insurance companies will use every effort to reduce the value of your claim. Therefore, having a solid legal team that won't back down from a fight would be best. Our prescreened California motorcycle accident lawyers can expedite the processing of your claim and assist you in rebuilding your life.

What Damages Are Recoverable In California Motorcycle Accident Claims?

The goal of personal injury claims in California is to hold negligent parties accountable for economic and non-economic losses the injured party sustained. These damages may include the following:

  • Medical expenses
  • Doctor's fees
  • Past and future medications
  • Surgeries
  • Emotional distress
  • Pain and suffering

It's also possible for the jury to award punitive damages for egregious cases involving malicious intent or gross negligence. However, punitive damages are rare, but the abovementioned are consistently awarded in successful claims.

That said, you can't just demand damages without justifying them with evidence and strong arguments. In some cases, the defendant and insurance adjusters will actively deny or lowball your offer to reduce the damages they have to pay. Hence, you must contact a prescreened Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer to assist you.

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