The owner or the person in charge is legally responsible for keeping their property safe. So, if someone legally on their property gets hurt, it could be attributed to negligence.

For example, if there is a broken staircase, the homeowner should warn guests about it. If a guest gets injured, it is because the owner failed to warn them about it or address a known hazard in the house.

Here's what our Los Angeles slip and falls attorneys have to say:

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Filing Slip And Fall Claims In Los Angeles

Who Can You Sue For Slip And Falls In Los Angeles?

To obtain compensation for your injuries, you and your Los Angeles slip and falls attorney must establish liability, just like in other personal injury claims. However, since slip-and-fall incidents frequently involve premises liability, the property owner is typically held accountable, mainly if they fail to take reasonable precautions to shield visitors from risk or to alert them to its presence. In addition, the local authority or the owner of the closest building may be liable for damages in public places.

However, by ignoring their surroundings or behaving carelessly, victims may also be to blame for their accidents. Depending on the specifics, this may result in victims being wholly or partially at fault for their accidents. In the latter scenario, it is still feasible to pursue damages; however, California's regulations on comparative negligence will lower the potential payout.

Hence, victims must present a solid case to prove negligence and list their total losses. Contact your Los Angeles slip and falls attorney to know how much you should ask for in a civil personal injury claim in California.

How To Establish Negligence Of The Property Owner In Los Angeles

After slipping and falling, you'll need to show that the property owner was negligent in upholding the duty of care they owed to you if you want reimbursement. A solid claim cannot be made simply by tripping and falling at someone's home or place of business because your fall may have been caused by negligence.

Our expert Los Angeles slip and falls attorneys can assist you in establishing that the property owner's negligence put you at risk, despite your best efforts to avoid it.

To be deemed negligent, a property manager or owner must have:

  • Caused the hazardous or let it persist for a disproportionately long time
  • Knew about the risk or ought to have known about it if they had paid closer attention
  • Taken insufficient measures to eliminate the hazardous condition or clearly alert others of it

Do note that multiple parties can be considered liable depending on the facts of your California claim. Hence, it's crucial that you consult a prescreened Los Angeles slip and falls attorney to ensure every negligent party is named and held accountable.

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What Causes Slip And Falls In Los Angeles?

Almost anything on a property has the potential to cause someone to trip and fall. But not all of these accidents' underlying problems put the property owner at fault. The following are some typical slip-and-fall accidents that may be covered by insurance:

  • Uneven or wet surfaces
  • Bad weather conditions
  • Inadequate training for dangerous jobs
  • Neglect in a nursing home

People tend to blame slip and fall injuries on being clumsy. However, Los Angeles slip and falls attorneys know that not all cases are the injured party's fault.

How Often Do Slip And Fall Accidents Happen In Los Angeles?

Victims may get unbalanced on the slippery, dangerous surface and fall, suffering grave or even fatal injuries. For example, if the victim's head hits the ground due to a slip and fall accident, they may suffer a TBI. Similarly, spinal cord damage could happen if the victim trips and rests on their neck or back. Injury to the head, brain, neck, or back is frequently devastating and necessitates expensive, time-consuming medical attention.

A victim would often need to take a lot of time off work throughout the healing and recovery process. In addition, as victims struggle to pay for continuing medical costs, lost wages can worsen matters.

If you're unsure whether your case qualifies for a claim, consult with a prescreened Los Angeles slip and falls attorney ASAP.

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