Federal and state laws protect job applicants and candidates against discrimination. You might be eligible to take legal action to obtain damages if you were denied employment due to discriminatory grounds. Our prescreened Los Angeles Employment Discrimination Lawyers have expertise in spotting and combating workplace discrimination.

Here are some more details and examples to help you identify job discrimination in California:

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Legal Protection Against Job Discrimination In Los Angeles

You are protected from California job discrimination even if you haven't started working for an employer. Let's do a rundown of work discrimination, who is eligible to file claims, and how it might benefit you.

Who Is Covered In Job Discrimination Protection Laws In Los Angeles?

In general, if you work for a company that employs five or more people, you are protected from employment discrimination in California. However, laws against discrimination do not apply to some religious employers.

The same goes for small enterprises with less than five employees. In some cases, they may still be held liable for discrimination. Consult a Los Angeles Employment Discrimination Lawyer if you're unsure about the best legal options to take.

Anti-discrimination laws apply to both state and local governments, and employees of the State of California or any of its municipalities are fully protected by anti-discrimination statutes designed to shield all employees from unfair treatment.

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Applicant Job Discrimination In California

Your employer cannot refuse your application based on your protected characteristics. These protected characteristics include:

So, for example, if you were not given the position because of your age, gender, or race (despite being otherwise qualified for the job), you can file a job discrimination claim in California.

Remember, employers cannot make employment decisions based on your protected characteristic(s). Therefore, you cannot be refused a work position, fired, penalized, retaliated against, or harassed because of your protected characteristic. You also cannot be punished, penalized, or blocklisted because you reported the discrimination or filed claims against an employer.

How To Prove Job Discrimination In Los Angeles

One of the biggest challenges for applicant discrimination in Los Angeles is proving their case. When investigated, employers tend to make excuses for not hiring you. For example, they'll claim you just weren't qualified instead of truthfully admitting that the reasons were discriminatory.

After all, employers will never openly admit to doing something illegal. They'll be subject to paying damages if found out to have committed unlawful discrimination in California.

Hence, employees must hire a prescreened Los Angeles Employment Discrimination Lawyer who will investigate their claim, collect evidence, and build a strong case.

What Are At-Will Workers In Los Angeles?

California is an "at-will" state. Put simply, you can work or employ people at your discretion.

"At will" employment means employees work at the employer's discretion. This means employers can fire employees at any time for any reason. Likewise, employees can quit whenever they want for whatever reason. You can even end a working relationship without any reason at all.

However, "for any reason" doesn't include discriminatory reasons. So, your employer can fire you for no reason, but not because of discrimination. Contact a Los Angeles Employment Discrimination Lawyer ASAP if you've been fired for discriminatory causes, even if you're working at will.

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