So, what kinds of cases would an employment attorney in Los Angeles handle? How would hiring an employment lawyer benefit you, your employment claim, and potential damages in Los Angeles?

Let's look at what an experienced employment attorney in Los Angeles does and how they can help you:

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Hiring An Employment Attorney In Los Angeles

California has one of the most comprehensive employment laws that protect workers. If your employer or someone from your company violates them, you have the right to file claims and collect damages.

What Does An Employment Attorney In Los Angeles Do?

Employment lawyers in California can help you at every stage of your employment, including:

  • Reviewing your employment contract before you sign in
  • Assessing your potential employment law claim in California
  • Investigating your claim and gathering evidence
  • Talking to possible eyewitnesses to strengthen your case
  • Building a solid case for a successful claim
  • Negotiating with employers in out-of-court settlements

Working for someone involves a lot of legal factors. Your employment contract, workplace treatment, and reasons for firing could have legal implications. Your employment lawyer will ensure you are not disadvantaged, abused, or unfairly treated.

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What Cases Does An Employment Attorney in Los Angeles Handle?

You can sue your employer for the following employment violations in California:

Workplace Discrimination In California

Your employer cannot use your protected qualities to make employment decisions. This means you cannot be denied employment, dismissed, receive a wage cut, be passed over for a promotion, etc., based on particular protected traits.

The following are some of the typical workplace discrimination claims that an employment attorney in Los Angeles handles:

2. Workplace Retaliation In Los Angeles

It is unlawful to penalize you unfairly for engaging in a protected activity. These permitted activities may consist of the following:

  • Reporting harassment and discrimination to HR
  • Suing your employer in California for violating your rights under the labor laws
  • Choosing to take or request an FMLA job-protected leave
  • Taking a break to cast a ballot, serve on a jury, or join the military
  • California employer reporting for criminal activity

Retaliation can take the form of dismissal, demotion, unfair pay cuts, harassment, and other "punishments." However, certain forms of retaliation might be subtle. Employers, for instance, occasionally try to rationalize their behavior by offering justifications. Therefore, having an employment attorney in Los Angeles must assist you in gathering proof to support a compelling claim.

2. Workplace Harassment In Los Angeles

Workers subjected to discriminatory harassment may bring lawsuits to get compensation for their unjust treatment. But keep in mind that sex discrimination might include sexual harassment.

Again, harassment can be subtle at times, so you need a skilled employment attorney in Los Angeles to establish a strong case and ensure your California work harassment lawsuit is successful.

3. Wrongful Termination In California

Your employer cannot fire you because of discrimination or retaliatory reasons. Some examples of illegal reasons to fire an employee include:

  • Your protected characteristics, such as your age, race, and/or disability.
  • For informing OSHA about your employer
  • For taking a family or medical leave
  • Requesting accommodations due to a disability
  • Taking time out of work to cast a ballot during elections

It takes a lot of evidence to prove that the cause for your termination was deemed illegal in wrongful termination cases. So make sure to keep your claim alive and get in touch with a qualified employment attorney in Los Angeles immediately.

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