Disabled employees have the right to reasonable accommodations in California workplaces. These accommodations are made so disabled employees can work and perform better. If denied these accommodations, you should contact a Los Angeles Employee Rights Attorney about a potential disability discrimination claim in California.

That said, the key word here is "reasonable." You cannot ask an employer for something that they cannot afford or would cause undue difficulty for them. Even still, there are many ways employers can provide accommodations at work.

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Requesting Reasonable Accommodations In Los Angeles, California

Which Employers Are Required To Give Reasonable Accommodations In Los Angeles?

Employers with 5 or more employees must provide reasonable accommodations to disabled employees. However, if the requested accommodation causes undue difficulty, they should negotiate and work with the disabled employee to agree on something more feasible.

For example, if an employer cannot afford specialized ergonomic devices that an employee may have at home, they can negotiate a work-from-home setup. They can also make some changes to the working hours or schedules.

In short, just because an eligible employer cannot afford the initial request does not mean they should sit back and ignore the difficulties the disabled employee faces. Instead, there should be a collaborative effort to find the best middle-ground solution for both parties.

Contact your Los Angeles Employee Rights AttorneyASAP if your employer refuses to provide accommodations or offers other solutions.

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Reasonable Accommodation Examples For Disabled Employees In Los Angeles

So, what types of reasonable accommodations can you request in Los Angeles? Let's look at a few examples:

1. Change In Work Schedule

Employees who have trouble working at certain times of the day could get a few changes to their work schedules. For example, instead of starting the day early like everyone else, you might be permitted to go to work at noon.

2. Offering Work-From-Home Set-Ups

Employees might not have to be physically in the office to do their job. Disabled employees who might have trouble going to and from work can be allowed to do or take their work home.

3. Reassignment

If an employee's disability is making it too difficult for them to fulfill the role of their given position, they can be reassigned to another job that pays the same.

4. Change In Work Tasks

If an employee struggles with physical activity, they can be assigned tasks that don't require them to be physically active. For example, an employer may assign more physically-strenuous tasks like carrying large boxes to more able-bodied employees.

5. Changes In The Building Or Office Space

Employers can add to or move around a few things in the work site. For example, they can add a wheelchair ramp, disabled parking sections, braille signages and labels, and disabled bathrooms.

It's also possible to rearrange the office to make it easier for disabled employees. For example, a disabled employee's desk can be placed closest to the door, so they don't have to walk across the room to get to where they need to be.

6. Ergonomic Tools And Furniture

Special chairs, braille keyboards, and other equipment could be provided for disabled employees. Employers can also install software like screen readers, text magnifiers, etc.

As long as an employer doesn't experience undue burden from providing these kinds of ergonomic equipment, then a disabled employee might request them in Los Angeles.

7. Extended Medical Leave

Disabled employees might need extended time at home resting or recovering in the hospital. An employer may extend their leave if required. If you don't know how much leave extension you're allowed in California, contact your Los Angeles Employee Rights Attorney.

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