So, what's the point of suing your boss in California? Is it even worth it?

Our prescreened Los Angeles lawyers for employees know how crucial employment claims are for aggrieved employees. If you've experienced illegal employment actions, you've likely lost income, experienced emotional distress, suffered career problems, or all of them simultaneously.

In other words, you've likely faced unjust consequences because of the wrongful actions of your employer. If your employment claim is successful, you will be compensated based on your incurred losses.

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What Can You Get For Filing Labor Law Claims In California

Here's what you need to know from our experienced Los Angeles lawyers for employees:

What Damages Can You Get For A California Employment Claim?

The goal of employment claims is to compensate what a plaintiff has lost due to the violation of their employment rights. These damages can include the following:

1. Wages And Benefits Lost

Compensation to make up for the earnings and benefits that an employee loses due to wrongful termination, retaliation, or demotion is a significant portion of the damages that may be awarded in an employment dispute.

Los Angeles lawyer for employees can help you calculate your damages and compile the necessary evidence to back up your claim.

2. Damages From Emotional Distress

Compensation for the pain and suffering brought on by the employer's wrongful termination, harassment, or other workplace misconduct also makes up a significant portion of damages. In addition, anxiety, embarrassment, sadness, loss of pleasure of life, and different types of emotional distress are all eligible for emotional distress damages.

That said, non-economic damages are much harder to prove. There is no receipt for emotional distress, after all. Contact a Los Angeles lawyer for employees ASAP.

3. Unpaid Wages And Penalties For Violations Of The Labor Code

In the United States, wage theft is widespread. For example, according to California's Labor Code, employers must pay unpaid minimum wages, overtime pay, and interest starting when the unpaid earnings are supposed to be paid.

The Labor Code also mandates that employers pay significant financial penalties to workers who do not receive accurate wage statements, lunch and rest breaks, and/or timely payment of all earned wages upon termination or resignation.

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4. Punitive Damages

Punitive damages are compensation given to the employer when they have flagrantly violated an employee's rights at work. According to California law, employees must present proof that their employer violated their workplace rights with oppression, fraud, or malice to be awarded punitive damages.

Do note that punitive damages are rare and will only be given in egregious cases.

5. Reinstatement

An employee may occasionally be able to return to their previous position or obtain a comparable position with the same level of seniority. However, reinstatement is not always an option, mainly when there has been harassment.

What Does A Prescreened Los Angeles Lawyer For Employees Do?

No employer will admit to violating labor law claims. As we've discussed, there are hefty payments they need to make should they lose an employment case against them. Thus, it would be best if you had evidence and a solid case to have a successful employment claim in California.

lawyer for employees in Los Angeles can help you with the following:

  • Assessing your case and identifying the viability of your employment claim
  • Calculate the potential damages you will ask for
  • Do their own investigations to collect evidence
  • Talk to witnesses and experts to help with your case
  • Represent you in out-of-court settlement negotiations
  • Represent you in court

In other words, your Los Angeles lawyer for employees can help you at every stage of your employment claim. They are also one of the few ways to help you strengthen and boost the success of your case.

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