Employers are prohibited from treating their workers unfairly based on a variety of factors by both state and federal laws. The Fair Employment and Housing Act in California, for instance, outlaws discrimination based on several factors, including race, religion, national origin, disability (physical or mental), marital status, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, age, sexual orientation, and status as a member of the armed forces or a veteran.

Additionally, strong legal safeguards are in place to prevent retaliation against an employee who reports prejudice. Even if it turns out that the employee was mistaken about the underlying discrimination, those rules still apply. Therefore, the first step in defending your rights as an employee is hiring a California employment discrimination lawyer knowledgeable in anti-retaliation legislation.

Here is a closer look at a few of the several forms of discrimination in the workplace that are prohibited under federal and California law:

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The Most Common Types Of Job Discrimination In California

California has one of the most comprehensive job discrimination guidelines in the country. However, some clients find it challenging to spot discrimination.

Here are some examples of work discrimination handled by our prescreened California employment discrimination lawyers:

Age Discrimination

Age discrimination laws protect workers and job candidates 40 years or older. An employee's age cannot be used as justification for dismissal, demotion, or denial of privileges or benefits. This also applies to otherwise capable applicants who are rejected on the basis of their age.

That said, contact a California employment discrimination lawyer to help you collect evidence to prove your job discrimination claim.

Race Discrimination

Racial job discrimination is illegal in California. An employee cannot be refused a job, retaliated against, get a demotion, terminated, or be harassed because of their race. This also includes discriminatory actions because employers perceive you as a particular racial demographic.

Disability Discrimination

Employers are generally prohibited from discriminating against workers who suffer from a medical ailment or a disability. Additionally, employers are prohibited from discriminating against workers who are believed to have a disability or medical condition or a history of such a condition.

Employers also cannot deny reasonable accommodations for disabled employees in California.

National Origin Discrimination

Employers cannot refuse employment, other benefits, or privileges based on national origin. Discrimination based on a worker's language or accent is also prohibited. Employers are also not allowed to forbid the use of specific languages unless there is a non-discriminatory justification.

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Pregnancy Discrimination

Employees are protected from job discrimination because of their pregnancies, medical issues, or childbirth. They also have the right to request reasonable accommodations since pregnancy is considered a temporary disability.

This means employers should allow them changes in work schedules, reassignments, reduction of physically-demanding work, sick leaves, and so on.

Religious Beliefs Discrimination

Discriminating against a worker because of their faith is prohibited. These discriminatory actions could include harassment, unfair pay, demotions, termination, etc.

Employees must also make accommodations for religious observances like holidays. Contact a California employment discrimination lawyer if you've experienced job discrimination.

LGBTQ Discrimination

There are laws in place to prevent an employee from experiencing discrimination based on their actual or perceived gender and sexual orientation. For example, even if an employee isn't gay, they cannot experience job discrimination based on being perceived as such.

Marital Status Discrimination

Your marital status should not affect your employment in California. For example, employers cannot reject otherwise qualified applicants because they prefer single employees.

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