Accidents can leave victims with physical wounds, lost income, and psychological pain. In addition, some injuries have a long-term or permanent impact on the victim. Therefore, if someone was negligent and caused your injuries, they should be held accountable for your financial costs and emotional suffering.

However, "future damages" have not yet happened. You don't have receipts to show how much you've paid. In light of this, let's examine what our prescreened California Personal Injury Lawyers have to say about it:

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How California Personal Injury Lawyers Calculate Potential Damages

So, how do you even claim damages you have yet to lose? You don't have receipts to show how much they're worth, so how would a California personal injury lawyer calculate how much potential damages you'll be getting?

What Is The Average California Personal Injury Settlement?

Settlement amounts for personal injury claims in California vary because some injuries are more severe than others. The damages can range from $10,000 to millions of dollars.

The easiest way to determine your possible damages is to evaluate your case and determine your losses using the following guidelines:

  • Economic Losses: This covers monetary losses from the past and the future, such as medical expenses, lost wages, damaged property, etc., all things that are "tangible," basically.
  • Non-economic LossesNon-economic damages, however, are not "tangible" damages. For example, this could involve emotional tribulation, physical suffering, a loss of enjoyment of life, etc.
  • Punitive Damages: Punitive damages may also be granted if you file a lawsuit. However, they are significantly more challenging to establish. Therefore, they are only given depending on what the judge or jury decides is proper in your case.

To secure a successful claim, you should speak with a prescreened Personal Injury Lawyer in California. This is because some of the damages above are challenging to show without a compelling argument and substantial evidence.

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How Are Future Damages Calculated?

No receipts or records exist for possible or foreseeable damages. Financial and medical professionals, however, can examine your case and determine any potential losses brought on by the accident.

Some potential or future personal injury damages include:

  • Future medical expenses include prescription drugs, therapy, medical equipment, prospective health issues, etc.
  • Loss of income, particularly if your injuries have prevented you from performing your job.

In California, the objective of personal injury lawsuits is to get the victims back to the state they were in before the accident. Therefore, future damages brought on by careless individuals should be included in your claimable damages.

These damages can vary depending on the person and the situation. The accident victim's most basic needs are the immediate and long-term costs of medical care and any potentially lost wages due to injuries.

Involving economic and medical experts is the best way to ascertain the victim's precise requirements, allowing them to keep the standard of living they had before their injury.

An experienced California personal injury lawyer will contact qualified accountants and medical professionals who can help determine how much money you will need to spend on future needs.

Is There A Limit To California Pain and Suffering Damages?

Only cases involving medical malpractice in personal injury lawsuits in California are subject to limitations on compensatory awards. The maximum pain and suffering damages in medical malpractice lawsuits in California are $250,000.

Everything else has no damage caps.

Contact your Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyer to get a good estimate of the damages your can claim.

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