The quick answer is: yes.

Additionally, the owner is still liable for dog bites caused by their pets even if they've already taken precautions to ensure it doesn't happen. So, even if the dog owner says it's an honest accident, you can still sue them under California dog bite law.

Here's what you need to know about how dog bite laws work, as experienced by our prescreened California dog bite injury lawyers:

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Strict Liability In Dog Bite Claims In California

So, what doesn't it mean that dog owners are still held liable even if they've taken precautions?

California has a slightly different dog bite statute than other states. The first distinction is that California has a standard for dog bite cases when many states do not. The second distinction is that, unlike California, many states demand expert testimony regarding the particular breed of a dog before holding its owner legally responsible.

The California dog bite legislation emphasizes that anyone who harbors an animal and fails to control it will be held accountable for any damages incurred by those who are bitten by such animal.

Contact a Los Angeles dog bite attorney to evaluate your case if you're unsure of the validity of your claim. They can assess your claim, assist you in gathering proof, and act as your representative during negotiations or in court.

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What Is Strict Liability In Dog Bite Claims?

Dog bites and animal attacks fall under strict liability laws in California. Owners of any kept animals are liable for any injuries and attacks, even if they've taken precautions beforehand.

For example, owners are still responsible for injuries from bites or attacks even if their dog was properly leased or trained. Likewise, even if the dog broke out of its kennel, victims can still sue for damages despite its owner's precautions.

In other words: you don't have to prove that the dog owner was negligent, unlike most personal injury claims in California.

Also note the crucial keyword: kept animals. This means any animal kept by the owner, not just the ones they consider pets.

If you have a case, contact a prescreened California dog bite injury lawyer as soon as you're able.

What About Trespassers?

If someone enters a person's property without permission and gets bitten by a dog, they are considered a trespasser. Unfortunately, this means they won't be able to sue or file claims for dog bite injury damages in California.

However, if they can show that there was something about the property, like a swimming pool, that attracted them in, they might still be able to seek damages. This can usually apply to children and minor teenagers on premises likely to attract nuisance.

If you're not sure about the eligibility of your case, contact a California dog bite lawyer.

What To Do After A Dog Bite Injury In Los Angeles

You must seek medical attention and claim damages if you were bitten by a dog. Before filing, several stages must be completed, but once it begins, the process can go fast.

Please don't hesitate to contact one of our prescreened California dog bite injury lawyers immediately if you have any queries concerning your rights in these circumstances.

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