California employees are protected from discrimination from their employers, workplace superiors, and co-workers. Many California workers don't know their rights and legal options should they face any form of discrimination at work.

If you don't know you're rights, you might be losing out on opportunities to sue for discrimination, claim lost wages, and hold your employer accountable for your emotional distress.

Let's look at how California discrimination lawyers handle potential employment law cases:

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What Is Discrimination At Work In California?

In California employment law, employers cannot make employment decisions based on an employee's protected attributes. For example, an employer cannot refuse to hire, fire, or cut the pay of an employee based on their gender.

If an employer discriminates against an employee based on the definition above, then the employee can sue them depending on the facts of the cases. These employment lawsuits could range from wrongful terminationretaliation, harassment, or discrimination at work.

The "protected characteristics" include the following:

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What If I'm Fired Because Of Discrimination At Work In California?

Discrimination can present itself in various ways. One of which is wrongful termination. If an employer fires an employee because of their protected attribute, an employee can sue for wrongful termination in California.

If you're not sure whether your case falls under wrongful termination in California labor law, consult with a Los Angeles employment lawyer near you. A prescreened employment law attorney in California will assess your case to determine your legal options.

What If I'm Harassed Due To Discrimination At Work In California?

Employees are protected against work harassment in California. And yes, harassment rooted in wrongful discrimination is enough grounds to report your employer to the DFEH or EEOC.

That said, the definition of harassment can be a little complicated. For example, isolated incidents like crass and offensive remarks might not be enough to report. On the other hand, consistent harassment that leads to hostile work environments might.

You want an employment law attorney in California to examine your case before taking the next step.

Can My Boss Try To Get Back At Me For Reporting Discrimination At Work?

Employers will try to "get back" by punishing employees who report them for employment law violations. This is illegal. When this happens to you, you can sue your employer for work retaliation in California.

For example, if you reported your employer for discrimination and harassment and they cut your salary, you can sue for retaliation.

What If My Boss Denies Work Discrimination?

Let's face it, employers aren't going to admit to harassment, wrongful termination, retaliation, or discrimination at work. So, for example, they won't admit they fired you because of your gender, but they'll come up with different reasons like poor performance or attendance.

Hence, investigating your claim, compiling evidence, and building a solid case are crucial for a successful employment lawsuit in California.

Get a referral to a prescreened Los Angeles employment lawyer to ensure your case is successful. Experienced attorneys will conduct their own investigations and help you compile evidence for the best results.

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