As the name suggests, involuntary manslaughter is when someone unintentionally causes someone's death. While voluntary manslaughter is defined by a lack of premeditation but still willingly killing, involuntary manslaughter is more tied to negligence.

If you're faced with a possible involuntary manslaughter charge, you first need to understand what you're in for. This includes understanding what the charges mean, how they might affect you, and what possible penalties you might be facing.

So, let's look at some of the basics of involuntary manslaughter charges, as experienced by our prescreened California Criminal Defense Attorneys:

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A Quick Guide To Involuntary Manslaughter In Los Angeles, California

Typically, involuntary manslaughter involves some type of criminal negligence that kills another person. On the road, for instance, we frequently witness incidents when someone runs a red light and kills another person or speeds recklessly down the highway before getting into a terrible accident that results in a fatality.

Some examples that might be charged with voluntary manslaughter:

  • A child dies after being abandoned in a hot car by a negligent parent
  • Defendant kills a pedestrian by ignoring a stop sign.
  • A child drowns in a swimming pool because they weren't watched by the adult responsible for them.
  • A defendant violates a traffic law, causes an accident, and kills a second person.
  • Using a poorly stored firearm, a child accidentally kills themselves or someone else.
  • Negligently improperly storing hazardous tools and substances.

Whatever the case, it's always important to contact and consult with a Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer. You want to ensure you're making the right moves and not doing anything that might negatively affect your defense. Your California Criminal Defense Lawyer will start by looking at the facts of your case and advise you on the potential legal options you might have.

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What Are The Possible Penalties For Involuntary Manslaughter In California?

So, what are you in for if you've been charged with involuntary manslaughter in California? Here are the possible penalties you might have to face:

1. Prison Time

The defendant may spend up to four years in state prison if convicted of involuntary manslaughter.

If probation is not granted, the defendant will be required to complete their prison term in a state facility (as opposed to a local county jail). Furthermore, the defendant's prison term cannot be reduced or suspended.

2. Probation Order

Sometimes, defendants might not have to go to jail, but they will be subjected to a probationary period where they'll be monitored. That said, while probation might be granted in place of jail time, it can't be guaranteed.

Most involuntary manslaughter probation terms involve some kind of community service, such as work release. In addition, a probation officer oversees probation sentences for PC 192(b) offenses.

What Other Factors Affect Involuntary Manslaughter Penalties In California?

Of course, prison time and probation aren't the only factors affecting your penalties' severity. Let's look at two things that could affect your involuntary manslaughter case:

1. Good Behavior

After being found guilty of PC 192(b), any prison or work release sentence is subject to a potential 50% reduction for good behavior while incarcerated or on work release.

2. California Three Strike Law

California Three Strikes Law is there to punish repeat offenses. Involuntary manslaughter is eligible under the three strikes law, where your second and third offenses can have more severe penalties.

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