In some circumstances, a first-time DUI charge may be dropped. Still, most of the time, the prosecution has enough evidence to secure a conviction.

However, you should always keep in mind that the prosecution has the burden of proving your guilt, even if you think you're guilty and they're likely to condemn you.

But even if your case isn't dismissed, hiring a prescreened Los Angeles DUI Attorney can be the wisest move for you since he might be able to get the accusations against you dropped or reduced to something less serious, like a dry or wet reckless.

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How Hard Is It To Get A DUI Dismissed In California?

Getting a DUI dismissed is not always achievable. Your ability to have your DUI dismissed will depend on the prosecution's case against you. It is challenging to drop your case, for instance, if you admit to drinking and driving. In addition, the prosecution has blood test results showing you had a high BAC level.

However, if you did not say anything that could be used against you and your BAC was barely 0.08 percent, your chances of having your DUI dismissed or downgraded to a lesser charge like reckless driving are improved. As a result, a lot will depend on the prosecution's case against you.

How Can A Prescreened California DUI Attorney Help You?

If a dismissal is conceivable, a trusted DUI lawyer in Los Angeles will first review the facts of your case. Then, the counsel will inform the prosecution if he thinks a dismissal is likely. Finally, our attorneys will put everything they can into negotiating the best plea offer for you if the prosecution won't drop your case.

Typically, the prosecution will incorporate the police officer's observations of bloodshot eyes, slurred speed, swerving while driving, and the odor of alcohol or marijuana to convict a person of operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or narcotics.

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The lawyers will make an effort to justify these observations by offering a legitimate explanation for why you were exhibiting those symptoms. An innocent defense, for instance, would be that you have allergies that contributed to the appearance of your eyes if the police officer reported that you had bloodshot eyes.

Additionally, if the police officer used a breathalyzer, your  DUI lawyer in Los Angeles, California could claim that the results shouldn't be taken seriously because the device was out of calibration or the officer mishandled the test. A skilled California DUI Attorney can use a variety of defenses to support you and prevent you from going to jail.

The best approach to learning which defenses are effective is to meet with one of our Los Angeles DUI Attorneys and talk over the details of your case. After reviewing the facts, our attorneys can advise you on the best course of action.

Can You Plead Guilty To A California DUI Without An Attorney?

If you choose to admit guilt to a DUI, you should retain a California DUI Lawyer to explain possible repercussions. This is crucial for a DUI because pleading guilty might have long-term effects.

Additionally, we have found that many people who admit guilt to DUIs fail to realize that doing so results in a criminal conviction that will be on your record for years to come and be seen by potential employers.

Additionally, you will be required to reveal the conviction if employers, banks, or housing authorities request it. Therefore, if you're considering entering a guilty plea for a DUI, you should at the very least speak with an accomplished DUI lawyer who can tell you of the possible repercussions of doing so.

Additionally, you should speak with a lawyer since they will be able to defend you in court using a variety of DUI defenses. Even if you decide to admit guilt to a DUI, your DUI lawyer in Los Angeles, California can work to get you the greatest possible sentence.

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