There are numerous ways for parties to violate contracts. Every contract is unique, and every circumstance is complex in its own way. If you are a business representative or a worried property owner contemplating when to file a lawsuit, you should think about speaking with a prescreened business lawyer in California as soon as possible.

Several variables will affect when you can file a lawsuit for breach of contract. First, there may already be a time frame specified in the contract itself. The parties typically have six months to file and serve a lawsuit for a breach of contract, as stated in the contract term.

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Deadline For Filing Claims Based On The Nature Of The Contract

California contract law will determine the deadline to file if there is no express provision to the contract:

  • Written Contracts: Parties to written agreements have four years from the date of the agreement to launch a lawsuit for a breach.
  • Oral Contracts: Parties have two years from the date of an oral contract to launch a lawsuit for breach of that contract.

Although four years may seem like a long time, it is in your best benefit to get ready for your lawsuit as soon as possible. The earlier you file claims, the better. It's much easier to locate crucial documents, and more evidence will generally be available for your case.

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Recovery Of Damages In California Breach Of Contract Claims

breach of contract lawsuit's outcomes could vary for every case. For example, a financial settlement could be used to recover damages for a contract violation. You can also ask the court to issue an order telling the opposing party to play out their part as agreed.

This could imply that the defendant carries out the obligations outlined in the contract or takes other measures to ensure they are carried out. To guarantee this kind of fulfillment, a breach of contract lawsuit is filed in California.

Professionals and their attorneys create contracts to secure future interactions with other parties and the health of their business or property. Anyone uncertain about the terms of a signed contract should seek the advice of a prescreened California business attorney with experience reading contracts to be safe.

1. Financial Damages

It is possible to compensate the non-breaching party for financial losses due to the breach. In this situation, all losses resulting from the violation will be paid for by the party who violated the agreement.

2. Specific Performance

Specific Performance is when a party that violates a contract or agreement is called to fulfill their obligations (the ones specified in the contract).

Specific performance damages are applicable when monetary damages are insufficient to adequately compensate the non-breaching party. To ascertain if you qualify for Specific Performance, you must speak with an experienced Business attorney in California.

3. Rescission

Non-breaching parties have the legal right to rescind a legally binding agreement or contract. Therefore, an experienced prescreened California business law attorney should assess the possibility of getting a rescission of the contract or agreement.

4. Liquidated Damages

Depending on the nature of the contract, it can frequently be challenging to calculate the damages caused by a violation. Therefore, many contracts will have a liquidated damages clause to deal with this issue. This provision provides for payment as compensation to the non-breaching party.

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