plane crash is many people's worst nightmare. When this happens, the ramifications are severe. If passengers do not perish in the process, they may suffer severe, life-threatening injuries.

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Find A California Personal Injury Attorney For Plane Accidents

Commercial airlines are responsible for ensuring that their runways are free of prohibited activity that could threaten the safety of a flight. In addition, if an accident occurs during takeoff or landing, the airline may be held liable for the negligence of its employees and risky operating procedures.

That said, let's discuss plane cases as they pertain to personal injury claims in California.

When a plane accident occurs as a result of someone's (or a group's) negligence, there are two legal alternatives available:

  • If a passenger survives, they may file a Personal Injury Claim in California, seeking compensation for medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and punitive penalties.
  • If the passenger does not survive the collision, their family members may be able to launch a wrongful death lawsuit on their behalf.
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A successful personal injury claim could result in compensation for the family, including burial costs, lost wages, emotional distress, and other non-economic losses.

To decide who is to blame, it is necessary to understand the cause of the accident. Personal injury cases frequently rest on someone being irresponsible, and determining who was at fault for the accident helps you in identifying a defendant against whom you can submit your claims.

That said, consult a California Personal Injury Attorney to help you.

Passengers and flight attendants, on the other hand, may be able to sue for damages if they were injured as a result of:

1. Operational Mistakes

In an airplane crash or a runway collision, air traffic controllers are critical. As Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) employees, air traffic controllers must adhere to strict guidelines to ensure that planes maintain a safe distance from obstacles and one another.

If an air traffic controller, for example, allows planes to fly too close together or enable a plane (or any aircraft) to take off or land on the wrong runway, the air controller could be held liable for injuries, other damages, and face federal penalties.

2. Pilot Error

Pilot errors are frequently caused by fatigue, incompetence, or a lack of expertise. Pilots can be held accountable for plane crashes in the same way they can be held liable for vehicle accidents. However, the airline corporation can also be criticized for not providing proper or adequate training.

When you're facing a case this crucial, consult with a California Personal Injury Attorney immediately.

3. Mechanical Issues

Landing gear, electrical systems, plane engine parts, and radio communications are just a few of the components that must all work in perfect harmony for an airplane to fly. When an accident is caused by defective planes, parts, or tools, the maintenance workers or the maker of the faulty product might be held responsible.

In a product liability action in California, manufacturers of parts and airplanes can be held liable for faulty plane designs or mechanical failure.

4. Unauthorized Objects Or Movement

Even in congested airports, runways should never be occupied by people or things unless necessary for a rapid departure. Anything left on the runway surface, such as pedestrians entering taxiways or vehicles traveling on a runway without air traffic control permission, has the potential to trigger a serious incident.

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This can be attributed to runway maintenance employees, depending on the circumstances.

If you don't know who's reliable for your losses, consult with a prescreened California Personal Injury Attorney immediately.

5. Inadequate Maintenance of the Runway

Airport operators are responsible for ensuring that runway surfaces are clear, safe, and well-lit. Faulty landing system lights, potholes, icy or slippery surfaces, and other maintenance issues can all contribute to runway accidents.

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