You will need a California Employment Attorney to fully enforce state and federal laws protecting employees from illegal conduct by their employers. Most attorneys who represent employees do so because they recognize that non-unionized employees have little leverage against their employers.

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Find A California Employment Lawyer Near Me

While you may only be involved in a huge employment dispute once or twice in your life, some larger businesses and their attorneys deal with several employment issues on a daily basis.

However, when it comes to evaluating and handling claims, most employers have far more experience and resources than you. As a result, an employee who has not sought legal advice may be significantly disadvantaged.

It is nearly impossible to win an employment case without the help of a lawyer. An Employment Lawyer will know what information you need to win, collect it, and present witnesses and documents to the court and jury.

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Do I Have To Hire A California Labor Law Attorney Immediately?

A lot of aggrieved employees don't resort to lawyering-up right away. While some employment disputes can be resolved internally, waiting too long in specific cases can lead to more problems in the future.

If you're experiencing any of these scenarios, contact a California Employment Law Attorney right away:

  • You're worried about how you're being treated at work or whether your dismissal or layoff was legal;
  • You're thinking about quitting your job since your boss appears to be acting illegally;
  • You don't want to or are unable to negotiate severance pay with your employer;
  • You don't understand your rights or aren't sure what to do after your job has been terminated;
  • You're approaching the end of your "statute of limitations," or time for launching a lawsuit, but you're still unsure how or where to do so;
  • You're being pushed to sign a complex and lengthy "release of claims" that you don't wholly comprehend;
  • You wish to sue in either state or federal court;
  • You know a lot of other employees who wish to file a similar claim against the same company;
  • You are dissatisfied with the investigation of your complaint by a government entity (such as the EEOC);
  • You have strong evidence that your firing was unlawful.

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If you wait too long to contact a California Labor Lawyer, you won't know what you can do to prevent your position from getting worse, and you won't be able to correctly document events as they happen.

Moreover, you must document the information that supports your accusations because it is your burden to prove an illegal motivation, such as prejudice or retribution.

If you neglect to record events as they occur, you may not have the proof you need to establish your case later. To corroborate facts and circumstances, you'll need records or a witness. It will be tough to substantiate your claim if it is your word against your boss's.

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